~Ministries that we partner with in Reynosa, Mexico and the Rio Grande Valley~

Pillar of Hope Orphanage
Dormitory and School Classrooms 

Pilar de Esperanza (Pillar of Hope) is a faith based orphanage in Reynosa.  The orphanage was started in 1996 by Sara Gutierrez.  Currently, there are 40 children between the ages of 4-18 years old living there.  They have a school on the property.  Their curriculum includes the basics along with English classes and Scripture memorization.  The orphanage is in need of resources as well as staff to help care for the children.  Please pray for Pilar de Esperanza that God will provide for their daily needs and send workers.

Senda de Vida Homeless Shelter ~ Pastor Hector

 Pastor Hector takes in approximately 300 homeless people every month.  He allows them to stay at his facility for three days without asking them lots of questions.  After the three days he presents the gospel to them and requires that they either look for a job or work there at the shelter.  Hector provides food, shelter and clothing.  He also requires everyone that stays at the shelter to attend Bible study every morning as well as evening church services.  Every night at the shelter there are approximately 80-100 men staying there.  Please pray for Hector as he continues to minister to those in need.

Pastor Jonatan and Carolina

Jonatan is the pastor of Discipulos de Cristo Iglesia Bautista (Disciples of Christ Baptist Church).  He currently has eight mission churches throughout Reynosa. People from within his church are the pastors at these mission churches. The mission churches meet during the week and then the pastors come back to Jonatan’s church on Sunday to be fed by the Word. Their youth group is also actively involved in puppet, mime, and clown ministry. The entire church truly has a heart for God. Please pray for them as they continue to impact the city of Reynosa.

The Morales Family
Pastor Sammy and Melanie 

Pastor Sammy and Melanie have a hispanic ministry that is currently holding church services at UTRI. They are reaching out to the community with the gospel and their vision is to reach the lost that they may glorify God and be equipped to minister to others. Currently, they are working with children, youth, and adults. In addition to ministering to the families, Sammy spends many hours a week driving a van to bring people to church who have no means of transportation. Please pray that God will continue to grow the church and that new believers will mature in their faith.

Jorge Gea

Jorge’s ministry reaches out to handicapped kids and their families.

Jorge Gea has a ministry in Reynosa, MX that helps handicapped kids and their families. Often, these families have nowhere else to turn for emotional, spiritual, or physical help. Jorge and the ministries that partner with him, such as UTRI, provide these kids and their loved ones with hope. He does this by building homes or modifying existing houses, donating needed items, and most of all, sharing the love of Christ. Pray for Brother Jorge as he works to encourage and bless the handicapped community in Reynosa.