The Christian life is not merely about one’s ability to recite a Bible verse, nor is it simply about doing good deeds.  As believers, we are called to preach the gospel both with and without words.  The purpose of IMPACT is to train believers for holistic ministry.  This intense one year program aims to provide students with structured discipleship, cultural training, and opportunities for applied ministry.  IMPACT is not intended to serve as a substitute for Bible college or seminary.  The program’s focus lies in the convergence of knowledge learned in the classroom and ministry opportunities encountered in daily life.  The goal is that when the student finishes IMPACT, he or she will:  1) be able to give a defense for the hope that he or she has in Christ and 2) be spiritually equipped to minister in any context or capacity to the glory of God.


  • Age:  18 and up
  • No prior experience is necessary.
  • Commitment:  Applicants must be willing to sacrifice time, money, family, friends, and freedom for eight months in order to be trained and equipped for effective ministry.


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