Blacksmith – a person who makes and repairs things in iron by hand.

UTRI’s mission is to assist others in their pursuit of God and ministry. We do this by providing support and encouragement to the church in the United States and in Mexico. UTRI offers team ministry opportunities, internships and ministry training through our school, IMPACT. This is offered in three different locations, the Rio Grande Valley, Texas, Reynosa, Mexico and Salt Lake City, Utah.

So go ahead, check out our site and see where you can get involved. Maybe you will travel to the dump in Mexico to feed the hungry digging through garbage, or maybe you will put together Christmas gifts for the orphans, or prayer walk the streets of Salt Lake City. You can do these things by bringing a team, your family or just yourself to join us for a week, a summer or a year. Do you know why we call ourselves blacksmiths? Because God told us to mend and repair the armor of those fighting for Him. So to be honest, we need you. The work is vast and the need is urgent. We can’t do it alone.